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    Search engine optimization is doing most responsible for digital marketing. This marketing strategy plays an important role which helps you increase your potential customers. 

    So, what does this mean for your business? It means search engines are a prime place to advertise your businesses products or services. Having SEO as a key part of your digital marketing store is crucial to help search engines find, crawl and index your website into their catalogue.  

    What are responsibilities of SEO in a company? 

    The role of SEO it can increase exposure of your company to potential customers on search engines. A person who is responsible for your companies SEO efforts will analyze and implement different website strategies in order to improve your ranking for certain topics or keywords.  

    When customers are searching for specific services online through Google or other search engines, you want to ensure that your company is listed in the search engine results pages (SERPs), so that they can find you.  

    SEO Benefits

    The benefits of SEO is increase your Google ranks sites that provide the best content to users, a lot of tactics and strategies that improve SEO, also makes your website a more effective place for users.  

    Develop brand awareness 

    When you focus on SEO efforts, you get more visitor traffic to your website. This increases your brand consciousness, to encourage more people to purchase your products and services.  

    Improves website consumer skill 

    Google has announced that the user experience of your website, will help you rank higher by search engines. They want their users to determine high-quality content, so they give main concern to sites that create content and web pages with this goal in mind.  

    Increase Digital Marketing Skill

    People are already searching for that product and service on search engines when they find you. They are the ones who discover you which means you have less work to do to close the sale.

    Makes your website mobile-friendly  

    Google shared that you should focus on the user experience of those that visit your website through their mobile device. If the familiarity on a mobile device is poor for visitors, they will be a smaller amount likely to stay on your website to explore more content.  

    Increases website speed time 

    The page load speed of your website helps users see your content faster. If the page loads slowly then a user is more possible to bounce from that page without seeing the content. SEO makes you prioritize page load speed, to ensure it faster. 


    8th Aug 2021